miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Escuela Primaria nº 30, Wroclaw, Polonia

We're a small  primary school, situated in the centre of Wrocław that has 300 students and 27 teachers.  In spite of coming from different social environments sometimes even the pathological ones, the students are eager to do projects, accomplish new tasks as well as curious to get to know other countries and cultures. Nowadays, parents living a hectic lifestyle, often leave our students on their own, therefore  forcing them to grow up quicker. Nonetheless, we perceive that these children who come to our school, lack social maturity in comparison to past years. What is more, there is a significant rise in euro-orphants and in those raised by a single-parent. Migrations driven by economic purposes very often cause basic family functions to break down: the adaptation to new surroundings and social interaction might be arduous and difficult especially without  emotional support for children nor cultural background.
Despite the social and economic differences we stimulate children's creative thinking. We encourage their interest in knowledge. We work with every child so that each one of them receive our attention and therefore feel appreciated. We teach children to live together. Our participation in the Comenius and Erasmus + projects is important for all of those who are engaged in the school's environment. The activities planned for the projects fit successfully in our curriculum. They make learning "fun" and provide equal opportunities for everyone to participate in them. All students develop key abilities which will help them for their personal growth as individuals. The partners' involvement from different European countries in our international cooperation gives the children the opportunity to meet with European linguistic diversity. We incite in the children the desire to learn foreign languages. Children discover other European countries, their cultures and traditions. Teachers have the opportunity to share their experiences and good pedagogical practices and also to use ICT throughout their work. Parents are also involved in these activities. Some of them actively participate in the school's life.

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